Water Conservation Information & Tips

Water is taken for granted by most people. In 2018 the average Elmira Water Board customer used 47,462 gallons a year; that’s roughly 130 gallons per day! With only slight changes in lifestyle you could save hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water a year. 

Below are some ideas of how to conserve water and help you save:   

  • Install water efficient fixtures (toilets, shower heads, dish washer, etc)
  • Take shorter showers
  • Check for toilet leaks (click here for more information)
  • Turn off the water while not in use (while shaving, brushing your teeth, etc.)
  • Water your lawn only when needed
  • Use shut-off nozzles on hoses and shut off when not in use
  • Fix leaking faucets 

Learn More

Click below to review information from the American Water Works Association (AWWA) on Water Conservation.