General Questions & Facts

How can I check for a toilet leak?


Toilet leaks are the #1 type of residential leak, resulting in higher water bills. If you suspect that you may have a toilet leak, you can contact our office and we will provide you with tablets and further information/instructions that could assist in detecting possible leaks.

What is EWB's Responsibility?


The Elmira Water Board is responsible for the water line connecting the main in the street to the curb stop (main to curb). All meters, meter connections, and remote read devices will be maintained by, and at the expense of, the Board as far as ordinary wear and tear are concerned.

What is My Responsibility?


The customer is responsible for the service line from the curb stop into the house and all valving and piping inside the home. The customer will be responsible for any damage to the meter due to freezing, hot water, or other external causes. In the event of such damage, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the meter’s repair or replacement per the fee schedule.