Recent Analytical Results


About Our Water Supply:

Since 1889 the primary source of water for the Water Board has been the Chemung River. In 2018 59% of our raw water came from the river. Wellfields, Foster Island #40 and #41 contributed 27% and Hudson Street #1A, contributed 13% of 2018's source water. The very first source of water for the Water Board (circa 1872) was the Hoffman Reservoir. This source is now used on a standby basis, providing 1% of our raw water in 2018.   

Instead of using any one source alone, all raw (untreated) water from the river, wells, and reservoir are blended to provide a better product. We treat the blended water by adding poly aluminum chloride, which causes natural contaminants like silt and germs to coagulate and settle out before filtration. We add chlorine to destroy any viruses, bacteria or organisms that may survive the settling process. We add fluoride for dental health, then add caustic soda and phosphate to help prevent corrosion of household plumbing.

Below you'll find our 2018 Annual Water Quality Report, the Filter Plant Entry Point Report (10/15/2018) and our Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) Reports: