Chemung River

Hoffman Storage Reservoir

Well Site Under Rehabilitation

Surface water and ground water are the two sources of water supply for the Elmira Water Board. The surface water sources are the Chemung River and Hoffman Creek Reservoir, and the ground water sources are Foster Island Wells and Hudson Street Wells.

The treatment process starts with a blending of the two sources of water supply during transmission to the coagulation basin. The water is then dosed with chemicals to remove particles and adjust ph. Over a six hour detention time, the processes of coagulation and sedimentation occurs and chlorine is added.

Top Left - Filter Plant Operators Ben Appleby and Scott Buckholtz monitor the treatment process using a computer software program. Top Middle - Scott and Ben make a visual inspection of the filter floor. Top Right - Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator Dan Gray and Analytical Chemist Rose Mary Martino test water samples.

After settling, the decant water flows into the treatment plant for filtration. The water circulates through 12 inches of filter sand and 18 inches of anthracite coal for final polishing. The filtered water is then post chlorinated and fluoride is added to reduce tooth decay.

Filter Plant Employees