In conjunction with the City of Elmira's re-pavement program the Elmira Water Board (EWB) has tentatively scheduled the water system improvements on the streets listed below:
Bonview StreetPit elimination project

Oakhill DriveWall Street to Hickory Tree Terrace

Horner StreetSpauling Street to Falck Street

Lincoln StreetW. Sixth Street to Washington Avenue

W. Walnut StreetWashington Avenue to Roe Avenue

While work is in progress it will be necessary to close portions of the streets to traffic, but we will accommodate local residents to the best of our abilities. Construction work will normally begin at 7:00AM and finish by 4:00PM each day. The service work will be only on the portion of the line that is in the City's right of way and will not include any portion of the line on private property.

During the final phase of the project, water service will be temporarily interrupted to customers for a 2 to 3 hour period while property service lines are connected to the new water man. All customers will receive one-day advance notice prior to water service interruption.

The EWB maintenance crew will also be replacing any customer's main to curb service that is made of lead or iron with a new copper line. Since this portion of the service line is the responsibility of the EWB, the customer will not be billed for the new line, and will receive at least one day's advance notice of water shut off. No customer is expected to be without water for more than two or three hours during the service line replacement.

The projects will require excavation of portions of the streets and cause some disruptions to traffic flow in the areas. We will do whatever we can to minimize this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during these projects.

The new mains will improve customer water quality and fire flows in the neighborhoods. In the event customers experience discolored water for brief periods, they should flush their water lines until clear water is restored. Continuing problems should be reported to the Elmira Water Board's maintenance shop at 737-8854 between 7:00AM & 3:00PM, Monday - Friday. After regular hours, customers can call 732-2277.

Thank you for your patience

Maintenance Department

Facilities Department