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April 1, 2018

SCHEDULED FOR April 12 through April 30

To help maintain water quality and ensure the operation of our system's hydrants, the Elmira Water Board begins its annual spring hydrant and main flushing program on Thursday, April 12, 2018. The daily schedules can be found on our web site


The program will begin with the flushing of large mains during the day April 12 and April 13 from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Small main hydrant flushing will be conducted in the late evening and early morning hours to minimize discolored water problems for customers. The schedule is as follows:

Week of April 15 - April 20: Flushing begins with hydrants on the north side of the Chemung River: north to McCanns Boulevard, and west to the point at Church and Water Streets. This will cover the eastside, northside, downtown areas of Elmira, and parts of West Elmira.

Week of April 22 - April 30: Continuing in areas on the north side of the Chemung River: north of McCanns Boulevard, including Elmira Heights and Horseheads; west to include the remainder of West Elmira. All remaining hydrants south of the river.


The high pressure areas of West Elmira, Elmira Heights, and the Town of Southport will be flushed during the week of April 30.

Elmira Water Board officials advise that discolored water problems may occur in affected areas, however this should clear up within one hour. The discoloration does not present a health problem, but could potentially cause problems if a customer is doing laundry. When flushing is taking place in your area, the Elmira Water Board suggests that you always run your cold water tap first to confirm the absence of discolored water in your pipes. In the event that you experience discolored water, running the cold water until it becomes clear will reduce the potential of discolored water adversely affecting your hot water tank. Customers are advised to call the Filtration Plant at 607-732-2277 if discoloration continues.

For approximate dates that street hydrants will be flushed, contact our Main Office at 607-733-9179 ext. 1201 or 1202 between the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM or our Filter Plant at 607-732-2277 (after hours). A complete schedule of the flushing program can be found on our web site at: